Accessing investments

Locally Listed (Direct)

We have a fully packaged solution that includes an investment administrator who will hold the note in their nominee name on the investor’s behalf. The application form for this service is available under the relevant product page.

However because most of our notes are listed on the JSE investors also have the choice of using their current stockbroker or LISP platform to hold them. Investors should approach them directly to ask if they will allow them to access our notes and what form the instruction should take (they all differ slightly) or contact us and tell us who they are and we can enquire on their behalf.

Locally Listed (Endowment Policy)

The only way to access our notes wrapped within an Absa Life Limited issued endowment policy is our fully packaged solution that includes a life policy administrator. The application form for this service is available on applicable products under those product pages.

Offshore Listed (Direct of Endowment Policy)

Investors are able to access our hard currency range directly or via an offshore endowment policy. If investors already have an offshore stockbroker or custodian they will be able to access the notes on the investor’s behalf, you will need to give them the ISIN of the note and an instruction in a form you agree with them (they all differ slightly). Offshore life companies with local presence like Glacier International and Old Mutual International will be able to assist with an offshore endowment policy.

If investors or advisers need assistance in contacting any of the above entities they are welcome to contact us for a recommendation and for the names on our panel of providers we trust.

FAIS License Requirements (for Advisers)

Advisers will require a FAIS Cat 1.4 for any endowment policy wrapped solutions and a 1.8 for any directly held notes.  

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